Everything you need to get started with decoupage on furniture including full instructions & expert support. This is a lovely way to learn to decoupage furniture in the comfort of your own home - starting off with a basic decoupage of a wooden tray
In your kit you'll recieve:
75ml paint
100ml decoupage medium / sealer
1 decoupage brush
1 natural bristle paintbrush
Full instructions


Instructions are

First of all, sand the sides down with the sponge sandpaper, just lightly rub down until it’s smooth.

Paint both the inside and out with the paint, you will most likely need two coats, don’t worry if you get it on the inside bottom of tray as you will be putting the paper over it, make sure you get it in the corners.

Once the paint is dry (normally dries in 30 minutes) -

Use the glue and spread evenly over the bottom of the tray, don’t put too much on, just enough to spread, make sure you get into the corners, apply the paper and press down firmly and make sure there are no bubbles.

Once this is dry, apply the decoupage glue thinly and evenly over the paper, this will dry clear, again you don’t need to put too much glue on. 

Let it all dry for 24h before using as the tray. 

Have fun doing it! Any problems please feel free to contact me.

This is a prototype that I have made up, I’m hoping to get them in the shop soon.

If you enjoy doing this, the next stage would be to come to one of my workshop classes, hoping to start back up in February covid permitting! 

Once you have finished would be great if you could tag me on Instagram

Decoupage Trays